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Bali Massage is a special type of massage practiced in Indonesia, Bali region. The Bali Massage is a unique massage that deeply rubs the tissues, cleanses the body from wastes, ensures blood flow on our lymphatic system, balances energy centers and improves integration of our internal system.

The Bali massage applies mild and gentle pressure on the energy points of the body for creating balance between energy centers.

Unlike other massages, the Bali massage starts from the feet not from the head because the nerves controlling the body are on the feet and it is possible to relax the entire body through these nerves.


Shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese and it is a manual, manipulative therapy. Shiatsu is used for therapeutic purposes in the traditional Japanese culture and it is based on applying finger pressure on energy points of the body. Shiatsu helps to improve flexibility of muscle tissue and to relieve or minimize the pains, and Shiatsu also improves the immune system by protecting energy balance of the body.

Shiatsu helps managing stress and has positive impact on relief of stress related problems such as migraine, sleeplessness, lack of appetite.

Thai Massageline1line2

This massage technique argues that there are over 300 energy channels on a human body. It is believed that energy channels in a human body are bent or blocked over time and these bends, blocks might cause pain and ache.

Thai massage focuses on activating the body, ensuring positive energy flow in the body and it is a healing method preferred by the traditional medicine. This is one of the therapeutic massages used in the Eastern cultures which believe that diseases are caused by blockage of energy points in the body. It helps relieving pains if applied with the right techniques and by experts. If received regularly, Thai Massage improves functionality of muscles and flexibility of body.

Unlike other massages, you do not lie down and sit still when receiving a Thailand (Thai) massage. This type of massage requires you and masseuse to be active and it heals more than it relaxes.

Thai Massage is also known as an exotic, unique and excellent form of passive yoga practiced for generations and it pressures the energy points to minimize tension. Stretching techniques are also used for increasing stamina and flexibility.

This type of massage pressures energy points for improving flexibility and mobility of joints.


Reflexology is a type of balancing massage that helps you to feel better physically and spiritually.

This massage, focused on the belief of “Feet are the mirrors of our body”, has become an essential part of traditional medicine in the Far East and it is given by pressuring certain points on the sole. Each point on a foot represents specific organs and tissues of the body. Problems can be determined and restored based on reactions of a person when a certain points of the foot is pressured and

After reflexology massage, the energy causing blockage will be released and the energy flow in the body will be restored. Furthermore, it cleanses the body from stress and toxins; it relaxes and refreshes the body. Reflexology massage also improves the circulation system and it is very effective in overcoming several chronic problems such as sleeplessness.

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Indian Head Massage, having a historical original of thousands of years, is a type of massage practiced in India. Purpose of the Indian Head Massage is to release the tension accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints around the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Different strokes applied by rubbing and deep pressure focus on the skull, neck and shoulder. This head massage is very effective for relieving problems such as headache, migraine, stress, tension, tiredness, sleeplessness and sinusitis and improves flexibility of joints. It improves blood and lymphatic circulation and supports discharge of toxins by relaxing ligament and muscle tissue.

This is an ideal massage for eliminating side effects of stress and tension.

This massage relaxes and calms the mind and positively contributes to the treatment of several problems such as migraine and depression, if applied regularly by using the right techniques.